School / Graduate School of Education

The School of Education aims to nurture individuals who are highly specialized and actively involved in the diverse dimensions of school education. Students will specialize in their main course and subcourse with interdisciplinary and systematic learning.
The objectives are for students to gain deeper specialized understanding of learning and the development of learners, and enable widespread contributions to the development of society through the cultivation of teaching staff with the ability to interact with the community.

School of Education

Teacher Education Program

Primary Education Course

Elementary Education Sub-course
Special Needs Education Subcourse

Secondary Education Course

Humanities and Social Education Subcourse
Science and Mathematics, Living Environment Studies Education Subcourse
Art and Sports Education Subcourse

Affiliated Schools

Compulsory Education School
School for Special Needs Education

United Graduate School of Professional Development of Teachers, University of Fukui, Nara Women’s University and Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University

Professional Graduate School
Professional Development of Teachers

Course for Lesson Study and Professional Development of Teachers
Course for Coordinator of School-based Professional Learning Communities of Teachers
Course for Management of School Reconstruction

Features of the School

Undergraduate Education: Primary Education Course / Secondary Education Course

Life Partner Program

Through practical training at elementary/junior high schools and visit to the pupils at home, students can assist pupils/students who have worries or other problems to gain confidence and independence by having a conversation, playing with pupils, and their learning support.
By experiencing these environments and repeating case conferences in class, students can learn, in a practical way, the difficulty of actual education environments and the importance of responsibility.

Network of Inquiry

This is a class program held for students studying to be teachers to deepen their understanding and specialized skills in terms of non-textbook curricula such as the integrated study and special activities classes.
Classes help to increase their knowledge of curriculum theory, and every other Saturday between May and December, elementary and junior high school students gather at the university to participate in exploration activities such as puppet shows, making hot air balloons, cooking and street corner surveys.

Graduate Education: School Education / Professional Development of Teachers

School Based System

Students from the Graduate School of Education are sent to school sites, so the classrooms for the Graduate School are in fact those of elementary and junior high schools (affiliated schools, cooperating schools).
Teaching staff and research students look at the issues faced by the school and work together to create practical solutions.