November 18, 2017

The 44th Symposium on Transformation Groups

The Symposium of Transformation Groups is aimed to present recent achievements in transformation group theory and related topics, and to discuss perspectives of further researches.

Date: November 16(Thu)--November 18(Sat), 2017

VenueFFukui Phoenix Plaza (403 room)
Tawara 1-13-6, Fukui, Japan 910-0018

AccessFTawaramachi station (Echizen Railway, Fukui Railway, Keifuku bus, Smile bus)
@@@@@ Walk from the Fukui station 25 minutes

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A whiteboard and a projector are available.

The 44th Symposium on Transformation Groups was successfully completed. We would like to thank all speakers and participants!

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Program [pdf]

November 16 (Thu)

13:40`14:30 Seonjeong Park (OCAMI)
Cohomology of real toric manifolds arising from a graph
14:40`15:30 Shintaro Kuroki (Okayama University of Science)
Flag Bott manifolds and the toric closure of generic orbit associated to a generalized Bott manifold
15:40`16:30 Mikiya Masuda (Osaka City University)
Volumes of regular semisimple Hessenberg varieties and faces of Gelfand-Zetlin polytopes

November 17 (Fri)

9:20`10:10 Hiraku Abe (OCAMI)
On the geometry of regular Hessenberg varieties
10:20`11:10 Yoshikazu Nagata (POSTECH)
On the Lie group structure of holomorphic automorphism groups
11:20`12:10 Morimichi Kawasaki (IBS Center for Geometry and Physics)
On partial quasi-morphisms on the group of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms [slide]

13:50`14:40 Masaharu Morimoto (Okayama University), Shunsuke Tamura (Okayama University)
Smooth one fixed point actions of S5 on spheres
14:50`15:40 Yasuhiro Hara (Osaka University), Shiro Shoji (Osaka University)
A Borsuk-Ulam type theorem and its application to combinatorial theory
15:50`16:40 Tomohiro Kawakami (Wakayama University)
Affine definable C‡G manifold structures in an o-minimal structure [slide]

November 18 (Sat)

9:50`10:40 Norihiko Minami (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
On some positivity conditions of the Chern characters of Fano maifolds
10:50`11:40 Takeshi Torii (Okayama University)
A model for the K(n)-local stable homotopy category
13:30`14:20 Kazuhisa Shimakawa (Okayama University)
Whitney approximation on smooth cell complexes (joint work with Tadayuki Haraguchi) [slide]
14:30`15:20 Shingo Okuyama (National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College)
Configuration space of intervals with partially summable labels (joint work with Kazuhisa Shimakawa)

dinnerF November 17 (Fri) 18:00`20:00@(\4,000)

Warabi Katamachi (Junka 2-21-1, Fukui)@TEL:0776-27-1118

This symposium is supported by

Organizers: Yasuzo Nishimura (University of Fukui)
email: y-nishi[at]u-fukui.ac.jp
  Mayumi Nakayama (National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College)
email: m_nakayama[at]nagaoka-ct.ac.jp